How To Design Optimal Engineering Solutions

(Without Wasting Time and Money)

Are you spending time and money on designs you're not sure will work?

Do you know before production has started that your design is optimal, and have the right stiffness to avoid critical vibrations? There is a way to qualify your designs and make sure they will meet the specifications, before spending money on production.

Here are three different ways to save you time and money:


We do the calculations and ensure that your design meet the specifications. You save time and money by avoiding premature production.


Learn the fundamentals of structural vibrations and how to estimate natural frequency. Then you can design to the required vibration fatigue life.


The future of fatigue life estimation. A system that will give you information for optimal service intervals, and when to change vital components.

Latest updates from dyNOVA

Windmill with sunset in the horizon

dyNOVA AS continues its project on sustainable and reuseable Windmill blades

In today’s world, more sustainable and renewable energy is needed. dyNOVA AS has started on its development of sustainable and reusable Windmill blades. The dyNOVA design also improve the logistics of long (more than 100 meters) Windmill blades, and construction of special roads will be unnecessary.

This is a cost reducing project, and it is anticipated that this project will contribute to future renewable energy supplies.

Using new materials and smart design solutions for this Windmill blade, dyNOVA AS will contribute to reduce Waste of End-of-life assets.

For further information, please contact:

Bernt Isaksen
+47 934 06 040

Part of earth seen from above

Altair appoints DYNOVA as a Channel Partner for Norway

We are delighted to announce that we have signed a new channel partner agreement for the Norway region with Altair. Altair is a global technology company providing solutions in product development, high-performance computing and data analytics.

Read more about the partnership and what we can offer


Fatigue Map Patent Secured

We have secured patent for the initial part of the FatigueMap process. The process has already been demonstrated to fulfill the goal of predicting remaining fatigue life of major systems. This was demonstrated on a land based windmill fully eqipped with sensors to monitor strains at certain pre-determined locations. A Digital Twin was giving the critical locations where the sensors should be mounted.

The Digital twin was fully correlated with the real system. When complete correlation was achieved, the sensor could have been mounted on any convenient locations.

The digital Twin would then have transferred the test data to the max. strain location.
Following the generation of a digital twin, and mounting of several sensors on the wind mill, the tests showed that the process of determining remaining fatigue life was achieved.

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Why you don't want to miss out on FatigueMap

Imagine a system that will always keep you up to date on the remaining fatigue life , and avoid future break downs. Interested?

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